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Experience the Magnificent Underwater Cape Peninsula with Scuba Shack Diving

Experience the Magnificent Underwater Cape Peninsula with Scuba Shack Diving

Thinking about Scuba Diving in Cape Town but not sure where to start? 

Scuba Shack Diving is your perfect introduction to Scuba Diving in Cape Town - whatever your level.

Scuba Shack Diving Cape Town is at the Centre of all the Scuba Diving in Cape Town. We have been teaching Scuba Diving Courses and taking out guided dives for over 10 years.

Scuba Diving Courses Cape Town

If you wish to do a Padi Open Water Course  in Cape Town or be taken out on  Guided Scuba Tours, Scuba Shack Diving Cape Town is where you start.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and knowledge of Scuba Diving in Cape Town.

We will be delighted to introduce you to the Marine wildlife, wrecks and unique environments to be found when scuba diving the Southern most tip of Africa. There is a vast choice of spectacular Dive Sites to choose from.

We are friendly, professional and genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about what we do, which makes Scuba Diving in Cape Town, exhilarating, safe and amazing fun. We love scuba diving!

Cape Town Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Cape Town is all year round. We offer daily, lots of exciting guided scuba diving tours for the locals & visitors to Cape Town. All scuba diving tours will run 7 days a week, as well as Padi diving courses, from beginner to the more advanced. We dive both the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic side. 

Scuba Diving Tours Cape Town

We can take you on some awesome guided scuba diving tours. There is a vast range of beautiful dive sites all along the False Bay Coastline we can visit. Our amazing Kelp Forests, reefs and our famous Cow Sharks

We are very passionate about teaching students PADI scuba diving courses, we all have a wealth of scuba diving experience to pass on, coupled with patience & personal skills, which all  make learning to scuba dive fun and adventurous!  

So please call us or drop us an email and discuss just what kind of experience you're hoping for?  Are you looking to dip your toe into the ocean for the first time? Or aiming to move up the ladder of PADI dive certifications?  Did you want to go face to face with sharks or peer through softly waving kelp at the steel bones of long lost ships?  Tell us what you're dreaming of and we'll be happy to explain what we can do to make it real for you.

Call us now and plan your scuba diving in Cape Town.

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Happy Diving!




Introduction to Scuba Diving with Sea Dive, plus photos & video of your experience (half day)


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Cow Shark & Kelp Forest Dives out every day

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