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Kelp Forests and Reefs

Kelp Forests and Reefs

Kelp Forests and Reefs Cape Town

The underwater enchanted Kelp Forests are where plants grow like tall trees. It is truly a beautiful and serene dive. These forests are home to a large variety of Marine Life, Gully Sharks, Shy sharks, Pajama sharks, Crabs and many species of fish. In between the Kelp Forests are stunning Reefs, with gullies and swim throughs to explore. This is a "must dive".

These forests fulfill a similar function to their California counterparts, providing food and shelter for a wealth of marine life, ranging from commercial species like lobster, crayfish and abalone to top predators like the Cape fur seal. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the cape kelp forests is the variety of shark species that call these pseudo-arboreal environments home. The kelp forests of False Bay are home to a number of rarely seen shark species, including the charismatic pyjama catshark and the shy spotted-gully shark.

By far the most famous inhabitant of False Bay’s kelp forests, however, is the sevengill cow shark, or broadnose sevengill shark as it is also sometimes known. This bizarre-looking animal is one of the most prehistoric of all shark species, and is the only extant member of its genus. It is notably recognizable by its gills, having seven gill slits instead of the conventional five possessed by other sharks. Sevengill cow sharks are social feeders, we take guided dives out daily. To see these prehistoric predators in action is a truly memorable experience that should be on every diver’s bucket list.